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AirSuite Announces New System Integration with Flightdocs

Airsuite Inc., the Canadian-based provider of aviation operations software, Cirro, announces a new integration with Flightdocs, a US-based provider of maintenance and inventory management software.


Offline Scheduler

  We know that when it comes to your electronic flight bag, there are several functions that are universally appreciated and utilized no matter the activity. One such function is the ability to work online and offline. We realized that this was a shortcoming in our Scheduling Tool and set out to come up with a solution. In an effort

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Better, More Efficient Audits With Field Gear Tracking

What are the three most dangerous things to a pilot? How about thunder storms, ice, and audits. Alright maybe that’s an exaggeration. Audits may not be one of the three most dangerous things to a pilot but the mere mention of the word audit is enough to make some people cringe. So much of a successful audit is going depend

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The Cirro Advantage: 3-Tiered Level Notification Alerts

Unlike other electronic flight bag apps, Cirro’s patented 3-tier alerting system provides you and your team with no-fail notifications that ensure the right people are updated on the status of all open flights. No more forgotten flight itineraries. No more confusion The alerting system works as follows: When a flight itinerary is overdue, the pilot will receive a text message

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How do I review all pilot FDT’s?

To review all pilot FDT’s navigate to the Admin module, select Reports, and then click on Duty Times. This report will load within a few seconds and lists all the pilots in your organization and their duty time data. At the top of the page are two input fields for date selections that can be used to adjust the period

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How do I reset my Cirro password?

Change your Cirro password To change your password in Cirro if you’re already logged in: Select the personal preferences module From the left hand menu, ensure the personal data option is selected Within the Account + Security section click the edit pencil beside the password input Enter your new password and click save and logout Reset your Cirro password To

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Cirro Featured in Vertical Magazine (External Link)

Pilots don’t learn to fly to do paperwork–yet they end up doing a lot of it before, during, and after their flights. Likewise, operators and ops managers see the paperwork piling up. Add the increasing demand for audited flight data from both government regulators and safety-conscious clients, and it accumulates into a mountain of paperwork and administration time lost.


Cirro Featured in Northern Ontario Business (External Link)

The freedom of flight is what attracted Michael Kleywegt to aviation.

But it’s the blue sky potential of an emerging flight management software that’s keeping the Thunder Bay tech entrepreneur temporarily grounded.

The CEO of AirSuite Inc. has high hopes as his aviation tech company prepares to take the next big step in rolling out Cirro, a product developed in-house at Wisk Air Helicopters that was launched last year.


What is the maximum file size for company documents?

The maximum file size for company documents is 15MB. Anything bigger will throw an error.


Pathfinder Aviation Onboards Cirro Software

Pathfinder Aviation in Alaska is now using Cirro operations management software for its entire fleet of aircraft.