Let’s take Cirro for a spin, shall we?

Use the modules below to explore a tour of our digital flight management system.

Frequently asked questions

Does Cirro work offline?

Great question! Yes. Loss of your internet connection will not keep you from enjoying the benefits of Cirro. Once you have logged in and have downloaded the system to your mobile device, the system will still operate if the internet connection is lost. If you know that you will be offline in advance you can download documents and maps for future use. Any data you input to Cirro while offline will automatically be uploaded to the system when you re-establish your internet connection. View the full list of modules that function offline here.

Does Cirro work across different platforms?

iOS or Android? Mac or PC? We don’t want you to have to choose. Cirro is designed to work on a variety of operating systems and devices.

How is my Cirro data protected?

Cirro uses password protected servers with multiple firewalls to manage and store user data. Intrusion programs detect and inhibit unauthorized intrusions and data mining. Data transmission between users and the system is encrypted, and user access to the system requires password authentication. Granular controls allow admins to customize security for each user, so no one sees things they shouldn’t.

Can Cirro handle custom flight duty time rules?

Yes. Cirro can also accommodate custom rules that restrict times beyond industry regulation. It also provides notifications to pilots and administrators when maximum duty time is approaching and exceeded, regardless of the rules being used.

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