Flight Following

Take a tour of Cirro, a complete mobile flight operations system built for helicopter and fixed wing operators to simplify regulatory compliance and flight planning processes.

Automated flight following

Cirro’s automated flight following module integrates with your satellite tracking provider to allow dispatchers, ground crew and ops managers to monitor flight plans, itinerary expirations, and more.

With unlimited users everyone in your operation, including clients and family members, can login to Cirro to check on the status of a flight.

Flight Planning Integration

Make itinerary adjustments, edit leg details such as weight and balance calculations, or access passenger manifesting and aircraft briefing information.

Tiered Alerting

The tiered alerting system ensures all itineraries are accounted for. Once an itinerary is set to expire, the user who filed the itinerary gets sent the appropriate warnings, then tier 1 users, tier 2 and finally tier 3.

Stay Connected

The flight following module integrates with a variety of satellite trackers to provide important aircraft and flight information. Users can overlay GPS tracking and flight history data in the maps and charts module for easy viewing.