Create, manage and track passenger manifests and aircraft briefing forms from any device. Built into Cirro’s itinerary workflow, the passenger manifesting tool makes it a breeze to capture all necessary passenger information. With offline functionality, pilots can easily update their passenger manifests on a per leg basis even without internet access.

In addition to manifests, pilots can also leverage the passenger briefing feature to ensure that pilots provide clear and easily understandable safety information to passengers.

00:00 – Overview
02:00 – Adding New Passengers
03:45 – Editing Passenger Details
04:15 – View Passenger Details
06:00 – Creating a Passenger Manifest
07:30 – Adding Passengers and Manifest to an Itinerary
10:00 – Adjusting Passengers and Manifests per Flight Leg

00:15 – User vs. Admin Access
04:30 – Adding Custom Fields to Passenger Details and Manifests
13:15 – Passenger Manifesting Reports

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