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More than just FRATs, with Cirro you get all the tools you need to improve the compliance process of flight planning, following and managing.

Why You’ll Love Cirro

Between calculating weight and balance, tracking gear and filing itineraries, there’s a heck of a lot of paperwork standing between us and that big blue yonder, at least there was..

  • Logging weight and balance? Log it with Cirro.
  • Reviewing risk assessments? Review it with Cirro.
  • Capturing flight duty time? Capture it with Cirro.
  • Tracking certifications? Track it with

Well you get the picture…

What Cirro Can Do For You.

Safety Management System

Proactively identify, assess, and control safety-related hazards.

Company Library

Build a company library that distributes important documents and manages staff certifications and qualifications.

Passenger Manifesting

Passenger Manifesting

Add passengers, create manifests, aircraft briefing forms.

Flight Duty Tracking

Pilots and managers can track and manage flight duty times, pilot currency, receive automated alerts, and capture important data for analysis.


Generate reports to help manage flight operations and easily handle audits.


Schedule bookings, operations, and maintenance activities for both aircraft and staff.

Have A Look Below At Some Frequently Asked Questions.

How does it work if you are out in the bush where there's no cell coverage?

We have offline features built into the system. For instance, all maps are currently available off-line. TDG is not yet available off-line but likely will be in the future as we continue to develop Cirro.

In terms of equipment, can we track vehicles and fuel?

Yes, we can add any number of additional equipment or items into the field gear tracking module. To give you an example, a new feature that is in development is a feature that will track of the amount of fuel that is left at a fuel cache. We are adding options where pilots can input the amount of fuel they’ve used so we have a record and report of how much fuel to expect in a location or determine if supplies need to be replenished.

Can Cirro be used when I can't get a connection to the Internet?

Yes. Loss of your Internet connection will not keep you from enjoying the benefits of Cirro. Once you have logged in and have downloaded the system to your mobile device, the system will still operate if the Internet connection is lost. If you know that you will be off-line in advance you can download documents and maps for future use. Any data you input to Cirro while off-line will automatically be uploaded to the system when you re-establish your internet connection.

Can Cirro handle SPOT devices?

All a company’s SPOT devices can be integrated with Cirro so that they are visible to Cirro users in one location with controlled access.

Can Cirro handle custom flight duty time rules?

Yes. In addition to the standard 702/703 flight duty time limits, Cirro can also accommodate custom rules that restrict times beyond industry regulation. It also provides notifications to pilots and administrators when maximum duty time is approaching and exceeded, regardless of the rules being used.

Are airports included in the mapping module?

Yes, 95% of all airports in Canada have been plotted into the system.

Does someone visit the site in order to make changes? How are updates done?

The software is continuously synching and rescynching via the cloud. Only programmers with authorization are able to make programming-related changes to the software. Administrators, Ops Managers and Pilots (or anyone with authorized access) is able to review and make changes to the data that’s been inputted, but every change made is recorded on the system for auditing purposes.

My company is regularly audited by regulators and clients. Can Cirro help me with the audits?

Yes. Cirro can generate a variety or reports to support auditing processes. The system can report on things like certificates, itineraries, TDG manifests, company memos, weight and balance calculations, and aircraft histories.

Can Cirro provide maps and GPS tracking data for my flights?

Yes. Cirro allows viewing of aircraft GPS tracking data and flight history. The maps include overlays for weather, fire indexes, lightning strikes, SPOT devices and fuel cache tracking. Map tiles are available for download and off-line use. The mapping function includes airport overlays with METAR data, NOTAMs, airport layouts and current weather.

Do you have approval from Transport Canada to use digital signatures to sign off on reports?

We have consulted with our lawyers who say it is legal for us to use digital signatures. We are in discussions with Transport Canada to try to secure their approval.

Is my data stored in the Cirro system secure?

Cirro uses password protected servers with multiple firewalls to manage and store user data. Intrusion programs detect and inhibit unauthorized intrusions and datamining. Data transmission between users and the system is encrypted, and user access to the system requires password authentication.

Can Cirro track field gear and other company assets?

Yes. Any operational or optional gear (long lines, external tanks, etc) can be entered into the Cirro system and be electronically tracked as to location, inspection intervals, usage time, condition, expiries and certifications.

Can Dangerous Goods Manifests be created and managed with Cirro?

Yes. Qualified persons can create dangerous goods manifests and perform remote acceptance tasks for fully regulated shipments. Manifests that have been previously produced by qualified persons can be added to new flight itineraries when the new flight plans are created.

Can I create and file my flight plan using Cirro?

Yes. The ‘Create New Flight’ function enables pilots to create and file a flight itinerary with Cirro. All the required information is included in the flight plan. The system handles weight and balance calculations, transportation of dangerous goods manifests, passengers and cargo weights and placement, FDT, field gear and route planning.

Is there a billing component to the system?

A billing component will be added as an upgrade that will be available in future editions of the Software.

Are you integrated with the maintenance side?

At the moment there is always a signed hard copy of reports that are filed. We do plan to fully integrate with maintenance. This is one of our goals. However, it doesn’t really change the benefit and efficacy of the digital system for recording and auditing purposes. The system is already keeping track of field gear and weight and balance, so those reports are automatically tracked.

Has Transport Canada had a look at Cirro during an audit?

Wisk Air had a transport audit while they were acting as a beta tester. As they had just started to use Cirro, they gave Transport both paper and digital copies of their auditing reports. They accepted them, however the goal is to switch entirely to a paperless reporting system. Our business analyst (Dave Tyrell) was in discussions with Transport Canada and they reiterated to him that this is a good direction to take. It is a nice, clean solution for auditing.

Can I limit access to my booking and scheduling information using Cirro?

Yes. With Cirro management can securely share aircraft bookings, maintenance schedules, crew assignments and alert levels. Access to any scheduling information can be restricted by management to personnel assigned to the particular aircraft or booking.

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