Next Generation Ops Management

Automate the compliance process of flight planning, following and managing with Cirro

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    All-in-One Fully Integrated Platform

    From flight planning to scheduling to safety management we’ve got your operational requirements covered

    Flight plan with ease

    Access all of the resources required to plan a flight and generate detailed itineraries without touching pen to paper.

    Manage safety and risk

    Proactively identify, assess, and control safety-related hazards.

    Centralized document control

    Build a company library that distributes important documents and manages staff certifications.

    Manage flight duty times

    Track and manage flight duty times, receive automated alerts, and capture important data for analysis.

    Easy scheduling

    Schedule and coordinate various activities for both aircraft and staff.

    Full maps & charts

    Display aviation charts, flight supplements, weather, overlays with company fuel caches, waypoints and more.

    Designed for operators and pilots

    iOS & Android

    Cirro works across all platforms including iOS, Android, Mac and PC

    Offline and Online

    Many Cirro features work while you’re offline. Flying remotely? Not a problem


    Cirro integrates with a variety of maintenance programs, learning management systems and satellite trackers

    Unlimited Users

    All packages are based on a per aircraft cost. Meaning you get unlimited users

    Integrations that make life easier

    Expand the capabilities of Cirro by connecting to other services and apps

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