Satellite Trackers

Display, track and monitor aircraft data captured by your satellite trackers in Cirro

Cirro integrates with a variety of satellite trackers to provide important aircraft and flight information. Users can overlay GPS tracking and flight history data in the maps and charts module for easy viewing. Within admin tools users can pull the flight itineraries reports to view the GPS log for any aircraft with a filed itinerary. This can be useful for several reasons, but most importantly, in the case of an emergency or an overdue itinerary it can provide crucial information for an effective response.

How to setup
Check for Compatibility

The following satellite trackers are currently compatible with Cirro. If you don’t see your provider below, let us know and we would be happy to explore whether an integration is possible.

  • Blue Sky Network
  • Guardian
  • Latitude
  • Outerlink Global Solutions
  • SkyTrac
  • Spider Tracks
  • Honeywell Sky Connect
  • TracPlus
  • SPOT
  • InReach

How to use
Contact your Tracking Equipment Vendor
Contact your Tracking Equipment Vendor and please CC your Cirro Setup contact on the email so we can get the information we need and/or answer any additional questions.

Make a request for Aircraft Flight Following data forwarding to be set up, forwarding to AirSuite for their Cirro application. Depending on your vender, you will need to request the specific aircraft and ESN to complete the API information exchange.

Setup Aircraft in Cirro

Within the admin tools module, select the aircraft maintenance option. Next, select aircraft list and choose an aircraft from your fleet by clicking on the corresponding blue button. Scroll down and ensure you have the proper ESN value. Once confirmed, select the save changes button.