True Freedom.

Cirro breaks down your flight office limitations with security and versatility you can rely on.

Bye bye paperwork, hello sky.


  • Logging weight and balance? Log it with Cirro.
  • Tracking Company Field Gear. Track it with Cirro.
  • Checking Charts and Maps? Check them with Cirro.
  • Monitoring flight status from the ground? Monitor it with

Well you get the picture…

Go paperless with Cirro

Cirro Database In The Clouds

AirSuite’s safe and secure storage

Like you, your Cirro data lives in the clouds, which means you can worry less about audits, enjoy reduced insurance rates and your staff no longer have to endure grueling paper cuts…

  • Aircraft data & schedule data
  • Flight logs & pilot duty times
  • Certificates and docs
  • Field gear data

Online and Offline Access

Cirro Deposit Online Tablet

Additional Benefits

Fixed Wing Pilots, Small – Large Helicopter Operators, Chief Pilots, OPs Managers, Owners, Directors of Maintenance, Support Personnel

  • Improved accuracy of flight information, safety, TDG
  • Secure confidential archiving of records and data
  • Automated synchronization and data distribution
  • Significantly reduced man-hours needed to keep records up-to-date
  • Improved operational efficiency with data available to all users
  • Easy to use menu-driven app
  • Up-to-date reports and records available on-demand
  • Facilitates Transport Canada and customer audits and reviews
  • Improves management situational awareness of aircraft
  • Instant aircraft positioning on phone or PC
  • Accurate document control

Take a look at everything Cirro can do.