Change Log

Cirro 24.25.1

User Admin

  • Fixed a critical bug that allowed superficial read access to certain modules to users without the proper permissions.

Cirro 24.24.2


  • Patched issue with Staff Availability Edits.

Flight Reports

  • Fixed issue with emailed Flight Report PDF formatting.

Flight Duty Times

  • Fixed issue with .cirrofdt and raw experience .csv downloads.

Cirro 24.24.1


  • Patched critical issue preventing the upload of offline-entered Flight Itinerary leg details in certain scenarios.


  • If requested via email to [email protected], custom fields can be made to appear at the scheduler level. These will then carry through to scheduled itinerary and resulting flight report.
  • Fixed an issue where base assigned resources and bookings would not load when a base filter was applied without manually refreshing the schedule.
  • Fixed an issue where users with Administrate permission for the scheduler were not able to save changes in Admin Tools / Scheduler Options.
  • Fixed an issue where disabled users would display in the scheduler.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (International)

  • Drastically improved International TDG module now includes an entirely reworked user interface, full offline functionality, and the ability to add dangerous goods on a per leg basis. Updated training videos will follow within the week.

Aircraft Weight and Balance

  • Fixed ‘unknown error’ pop up when rebuilding temp configs.
  • Fixed issue with conflicting unlimited optional equipment items.

Maps and Charts

  • Fixed issue with shared waypoint list, and certain waypoint sets temporarily not displaying.

User Accounts

  • User date of birth now consistently shows proper day within user profile page in Cirro.

Passenger Manifesting

  • Fixed issue with client specific briefing forms displaying as “no briefings available” when briefing passengers.


  • Fixed issue with converting quotes into scheduled bookings.


  • Completed group tasks no longer display as part of weekly summary email.

Flight Duty Times

  • Fixed issue with NVIS currency tracking.

Cirro 24.23.0

Flight Itinerary

  • Fixed issue filing itinerary when created from scheduled event.


  • Improved formatting of TDG manifest creation for devices with small screens.


  • Patched issue with staff availability event edits.

Cirro 24.22.0

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

  • Added TDG actions to the User Activity Log available in Admin Tools / Reports
  • Added additional search references for common items such as pumps, chainsaws, and generators.
  • Added additional detail for which items require a Dangerous Goods Transport Document when transporting mixed consignments (ex. Limited Access and Fully Regulated items)


  • Significantly reduced load times in the scheduler, particularly after making edits when a large number of tasks or bookings are present.

Flight Reports

  • Patched issue with FR email text translation issue.

Admin Tools

  • Improved sync and rebuild requirements when making aircraft setting changes.
  • Fixed issue generating Flight Operations report.
  • Fixed issue with password reset tool.

Company Library

  • Restored ‘Find Qualified User’ report to its usual state.
  • Fixed issue with certain enrollments in certificate-linked courses.

Cirro 24.20.0

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Canada)

  • Added the ability to create Equivalency Certificates (EC) to all items that are forbidden for passenger transport, forbidden for all transport, over acceptable volume/mass limits, extended aerial work operation types, and other exemptions not defined by the system. They can be managed by a DG Admin in the DG module / Settings and Configurations. As the EC work continues, all Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC) offered EC’s will be made available as a templated option.
  • Added the ability to resend emails to collect missing manifest signatures and additional sign now options available in the Manifest Reporting section.

User Admin

  • Fixed issue with batch edit function for base assignment.

Flight Itinerary

  • Fixed issue uploading an offline-filed itinerary.
  • Fixed issue with manual leg route inputs “division by zero”.

Flight Report

  • PDF attachment no longer displays in landscape mode unless explicitly set as such.

Flight Duty Times

  • Fixed issue when importing overnight (transiting 2359-0000) flights from a flight report.

Safety Management

  • Keywords are now sorted in alphabetical order consistently throughout Cirro.

Cirro 24.18.1


An award winning safety training provider, YOW Canada develops courses and materials to help Canadians with occupational health and safety compliance. With over 20 years of industry experience, they proudly offer fully trackable, user-friendly training courses and outstanding customer support. Together, the Cirro and YOW Canada integration was designed to bring all of your training and administration into a single place.

You can now directly assign workplace H&S training courses to your users, with results automatically linked to Cirro training certificates. Training includes popular and regulatory required items such as WHMIS, Workplace Violence and Harassment, TDG Ground, and several others. More information on the integration can be viewed in the video linked below.

LEARN MORE – Cirro + YOW Canada Workplace H&S Training Integration Overview


Maps & Charts

  • Added offline download for NOTAMs and TFRs.
  • Improved logic for decoding NOTAM text to overlay in chart.
  • Fixed issue with downloading PDF copies of specific CFS subsections.
  • Fixed issue with shared waypoint access.

Weight and Balance

  • Added functionality for unlimited optional (pilot selectable) options in weight and balance module. This disables the temporary configuration matrix for an aircraft, and instead performs the calculation as the optional equipment items are selected.

Flight Reports

  • Fixed issue with auto-fill of custom email field based on other Client entries to the field.
  • Fixed issue with non-billable leg total calculations.
  • Fixed issue with Custom Client Billing Info.

Flight Itineraries

  • Fixed issue with metric aircraft weight and balance values when loaded from a scheduler event.
  • Fixed issue with opening itineraries from a scheduled booking outside of the start time listed on the booking’s planned legs
  • Fixed issue with manual entry route map option


  • Reduced frequency of crewmember currency checks when editing for faster booking changes.

Company Library

  • Added the ability to change the presented order of assigned training courses linked to a Cirro certificate. In the certificate edit page, if multiple courses are assigned and need to be presented in a certain order they can be clicked, dragged and dropped into the desired sort order.


  • Updated Low Bandwidth Mode label to clarify when enabled.

User Activity Log

  • Updated Action Type labels with plain language description.

Passenger Manifesting

  • Fixed display issue indicating signed briefings were unsigned.
  • Fixed expiry issue with hour validity period briefings.

Cirro 24.17.0

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

  • Added the ability to create Equivalency Certificates (EC) for the addition of Dangerous Goods (DG) items to the Limited Access workflow. They can be managed by a DG Admin in the DG module / Settings and Configurations. As the EC work continues, all Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC) offered EC’s will be made available as a templated option.

Flight Itinerary

  • Patched issue uploading offline-entered leg info after returning to data connection.

Company Library

  • Responsible users can now mark the practical component of an Aerostudies integrated certificate as complete directly in Cirro.

Cirro 24.16.0

Maps and Charts

  • Resolved issue with offline map layers loading on mobile devices.
  • NOTAM’s and TFR’s can now be displayed on the map. Accessible by selecting the NOTAM / TFR button in the Layers menu. NOTAM’s and TFR’s are displayed in red on the map layer and when selected a slide out menu appears from the right hand side with details on the NOTAM / TFR. This option is only available in Canada and the USA. Offline download of NOTAM’s / TFR’s to follow in a future release.

Company Library

  • Fixed an issue where admins were unable to edit the details of some company certificates that had an LMS linked training course without first selecting another certificate.
  • Patched intermittent issues downloading offline resources.

Flight Reports

  • Added new format option for Flight Reports specific to gulf of Mexico oil and gas customers.


  • Resolved issue utilizing multi-booking feature when the default base filter was set to anything other than “all company bases”.

User Admin

  • Patched issue with intermittent “Error 401” occurring when switching Cirro user accounts.