by | Jul 4, 2024 | Changelog

Flight Duty Time – Canada

  • Added default option to “force” a crewmember into the 60hr in any 7 consecutive day hours of work limit per CAR 700.29(1)(c)&(d). This will disable warnings/violations related to the 70hr work week requirements and trigger warnings in advance of failing to meet the 60hr requirements along with violations once failing to meet CAR 700.29(1)(c)(i)&(ii).
  • Added ability to document private flying hours on the same day as a Flight Duty Period. To do so, users should input time up to time down via the leg input tool and select “Private” from the regulation dropdown.
  • Resolved issue where any update made to FDT Defaults would not save until a sync was initiated.

Flight Duty Time – USA

  • Added ‘Assigned Duty Period’ to the default options for flight and duty entries.
  • Added yellow highlighting for flight and duty time warnings to the duty time summaries.
  • Added red highlighting for flight and duty time violations to the duty time summaries.
  • Fixed issue with Quarter and Year calculations being offset by one day in duty times report.
  • Fixed issue with 500 hour per quarter violation appearing too early (135.267 (a))
  • Fixed issue with ‘Earliest Duty Start Tomorrow’ and ‘Earliest Flight Start Tomorrow’ calculations based on rest requirements in 135.267 (d) and (e).

Flight Itinerary

  • Fixed issue with route planning tool that would occur after filing more than one itinerary with a planned route in the same session.
  • Fixed issue with route planning tool where utilizing the “restart map” function would require a force-close of the app to continue/restart filing an itinerary.

Company Library

  • Fixed display issue for linked training certificates viewed through the user record history tab.
  • Fixed issue with certificate CSV export filters.

Maps and Charts

  • Fixed an issue where direct-to text search of airport names would not function on mobile devices.

Clients and Jobs

  • Fixed issue when using global jobs on an itinerary where client would default to last alphabetical client regardless of selection in some scenarios.
  • Fixed issue bulk assigning jobs via the user account bulk edit tool.

Flight Reports

  • Fixed an issue where clients were unable to load and sign emailed Flight Reports that included fuel uplifts.


  • Risk Instructions are now required fields for the Policies & Objectives page.

Field Gear Tracking

  • Fixed issue when uploading image to field gear history updates with android device.