Company Library

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Company Documents

Categorize important documents and centrally distribute up-to-date files.

The company library provides companies and personnel with a simple interface to quickly locate and control regulated and miscellaneous documents. The system allows clients to centrally update controlled documents and distribute them effectively to all personnel using the system.

The module also incorporates memo tracking with read receipts, and user certificate and qualification tracking with automated alerting.

Additionally, custom forms can be used to capture important information that are easy use, edit and submit. The robust form builder gives you a variety of question options, including multiple choice questions and dropdowns to signatures. Once a custom forms is created it can be submitted through the company library module. You can also attach new or submitted forms to a booking in the scheduler in order to stay organized and to collect all the necessary job details.

Admin users can enable a quality controller feature on any form to ensure that the right people are notified when a form is submitted.

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