Administrative functions are only available to staff with admin permissions. This gives access to several setup and reporting features used to administer Cirro and manage flight data. Admin users can distribute memos and new resources, create new certificates to be tracked, and manage client user data sharing.

Reports are provided for certificate tracking, memo distribution and read receipts, Itinerary history with dangerous goods, GPS track, fuel plan and weight and balance data, alerting and notification logs, pilot flight duty times, field gear inspections and tracking.

00:40 – Certificate Tracking
01:20 – Flight Itinerary Report
02:45 – Flight Risk Assessment Report
03:25 – Billing and Invoicing Report
05:55 – Expense Report
06:30 – Dangerous Goods Report
07:20 – Duty Time Report
10:00 – Pilot Information Sheets
11:15 – Time Sheet Report *
11:35 – Asset (Field Gear) Report *
12:00 – Notification Logs

Good To Know

Items marked with an asterisk are explained in stand-alone training videos.

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