Aircraft briefings are an essential part of every operation. Done effectively, they provide an opportunity to gather and disseminate essential information to passengers and crew. Cirro’s aircraft briefing solution is easy to implement and simplifies going paperless. Admin users can easily create briefings that integrate into Cirro’s flight itinerary flow, ensuring that the right information gets to the right people.

Good to know

Aircraft briefings can be associated to a specific aircraft ident or aircraft type.

00:00 – Overview
07:15 – Briefing Passengers in the Itinerary Workflow
09:15 – Briefing Required Fields
09:50 – View User Briefing History
10:30 – Bulk Briefing Passengers via Passenger Manifesting Module
12:30 – Summary of Workflow

00:15 – Managing Briefing Forms
00:45 – Setting Admin Permissions
01:15 – Creating a New Briefing Form
02:00 – Forms for Series, Types, and Ident Specific
04:30 – Briefing Validity and Custom Fields
12:30 – Summary of Workflow

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