The clients and jobs tool integrates fully with multiple other Cirro modules, including flight reports, employee expenses and invoicing.

The module allows admins to assign aircraft and users to specific jobs for easier scheduling and organization as well as hourly, wet or dry rates to provide faster, more accurate billing and invoicing for customers.

Using data collected in Cirro, you can generate flight reports, handle employee and job expenses and generate an invoice for the client with a few quick clicks.

Good to know

Custom fields can be created and applied company wide or specific to a client. Custom fields created at the client level will apply to all jobs created for this client.

00:15 – Overview
00:40 – Client Actions (Copy, Jobs, Edit, Archive)
01:50 – Adding a New Client
03:30 – Editing an Existing Client
04:30 – Client vs. Job Relationship
05:15 – Job Actions (Copy, Edit)
06:00 – Editing an Existing Job / Job Specific Options
09:40 – Job Billing Formats
11:00 – Assigning Aircraft Types and Hourly Rates
12:00 – Assigning Users
13:00 – Clients & Job Integrations
13:15 – Billing & Invoice Reports

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