Capture important information by creating custom forms that are easy use, edit and submit. The robust form builder gives you a bunch of question options, from multiple choice to dropdowns to signatures. Once your custom forms are created they can be submitted through the company library module. You can also attach new or submitted forms to a booking in the scheduler in order to stay organized and to collect all the necessary job details.

Admin users can enable the quality controller feature on any form to ensure that the right people are notified when a form is submitted.

Good to know

Admin users can lock a submitted form to prevent it from being edited any further. To do so, click the tools icon displayed in the top right when viewing a submitted form and select lock.

00:00 – Introduction
00:35 – Filling Forms
05:28 – Accessing Filled Forms

07:14 – Creating New Forms
09:30 – Adding Sections
13:11 – Adding Elements to Sections
15:09 – Adding Date Elements
16:47 – Adjusting Section Width
17:32 – Adding Radio Elements
19:32 – Preview Form Options
22:24 – Rename/Duplicate/Delete Sections
22:58 – Adding Multi Elements
28:39 – Form Layout Tips
30:29 – Accessing Filled Forms & Editing Existing Forms
31:37 – Attaching Forms to Scheduler Events

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