The task management module makes it easier to manage all of your tasks in one place. The module aims to provide you with a list of your priorities to ensure that you don’t forget anything and are able to effectively plan out your tasks.

Effortless to use, the task management module will make things more manageable and keeps you focused on the tasks at hand.

Good to know

Tasks that require your attention are included in the Cirro weekly email summary along with all other important system information.

00:20 Task Permission Levels
01:30 Admin Task View and Filters
02:15 Creating a New Task
03:15 Group Tasks Setting
04:20 Private Tasks Setting
04:55 Task Verification Settings
05:45 Repetitive Task Settings
07:40 Task Admin Overview
08:45 User Task Completion
09:10 User Task View and Filters
09:20 Task Verification
11:05 Task Notification in Weekly Summary

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