The Cirro and Veryon integration is a seamless, two-way exchange of real-time flight and maintenance data between the two web-based platforms. This integration creates a streamlined transfer of data between the maintenance and operations management systems. Mutual customers will eliminate duplication of work, see substantial time savings, and a drastic reduction in data entry errors

How to setup
Go to Admin Tools > Manage Flightdocs Integration
Before you can use the Flightdocs integration you will have to contact AirSuite support ([email protected]) and request that the option be turned on. Once confirmed, go to admin tools, select Manage, and then the Flightdocs Integration option.

Request Veryon API Access
From the next page, click on the Request Flightdocs API Access link. This will take you to a Flightdocs login page.

Login and authorize the API
Follow the steps in order to authorize the third party request. Now your account is linked. The fields that you have setup in your Flightdocs account for each aircraft will be the fields that show in Cirro. Any adjustments to these fields is to be made through your FD account.

How to use
Cirro’s link with Veryon is used in two locations. The first is part of your itinerary, after selecting your aircraft it will pull up the technical dispatch records for your aircraft, see below.

After your flight, as part of the Flight Report process you will be asked to complete the new data entry. This page appears after entering the legs, and before reviewing the final flight report.

After completing the record, you will be asked to digitally sign for the entry to proceed. This locks the record. Any edits and corrections will have to be made through your Veryon account.

If there are technical difficulties such as a service interruption from Veryon or Cirro, a slow connection speed, or other issues. Both the review and entry pages will timeout after 30 seconds, at this point you can proceed to the next step or retry to establish a connection.

Entries missed during the flight report phase can be completed at another time, as long as the flight report has not yet been billed. Offline entries and entry errors will have to be entered / corrected through Veryon.

Cirro will suggest entries for some fields based on your leg information, and hobbs data (if applicable).