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Who Should Take this Course?
Everyone in the workplace that uses, might use or might be exposed to H2S gas needs to have general awareness training. This will help them recognize H2S gas hazards and what they can do to mitigate the danger this gas presents to their workplace and their safety.

Workers who may be affected by the workplace H2S procedures and those implementing those procedures need comprehensive and site-specific training on their workplace H2S programs.

This course is considered an introduction to H2S gas safety.

About This Training

H2S programs are site specific procedures for controlling H2S gas exposure. These procedures are part of a complete Hazardous Energy Control (HEC) program.

Elimination is the preferred method for controlling H2S gas exposure. However, as elimination and substitution are extremely difficult tasks with H2S gas, the bulk of protection from the hazards of H2S fall into the engineering and administrative controls categories.

This H2S Awareness course will provide you with the tools and basic means to protect yourself from the dangers of H2S gas exposure while working in H2S environments.

Reduce training costs, minimize lost time injuries, and reduce the cost of compliance by having your employees complete H2S Awareness training online!

Training records and digital certificates are updated in Cirro upon completion.

This course is available in English only.

This Course Covers

  • Introduction & Legislation
  • Properties, Health Concerns & Exposure
  • Protective Measures & Devices
  • Emergency Response & First Aid
  • Interactive exercises, tests & certification
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