LOTO Training Online

Lockout/Tagout Awareness | runtime approx. 1.5 hours

Who Should Take this Course?
Everyone in the workplace that uses or might use Lockout/Tagout procedures need to have general awareness training to help them recognize LOTO devices/tags and what they mean.

Workers who may be affected by the Lockout/Tagout and those implementing the Lockout/Tagout procedures need comprehensive and site-specific training on their workplace LOTO programs.

This course is considered an introduction to Lockout/Tagout.

About This Training

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) programs are site specific procedures for isolating hazardous energy, they are part of a complete Hazardous Energy Control (HEC) program.

LOTO is the preferred method for controlling hazardous energy. It ensures that the locks and tags placed on the energy isolating devices can only be removed by the worker who had placed the locks and tags and has their key.

Properly following a LOTO program guarantees that the hazardous energy cannot be intentionally or accidentally re-activated while the machinery or equipment is locked out.

This Lockout / Tagout course will define key individuals and their requirements under LOTO. Giving you the tools necessary to safely control hazardous energy while work is being performed.

Reduce training costs, minimize lost time injuries, and reduce the cost of compliance by having your employees complete LOTO training online!

Training records and digital certificates are updated in Cirro upon completion.

This course is available in English only.

This Course Covers

  • Introduction & Legislation
  • Hazardous Energy Control
  • LOTO – Application
  • LOTO – Return to Service
  • Complex LOTO Scenarios
  • Interactive exercises, tests & certificate
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1-49 $35.95
50-99 $32.95
100-499 $29.95
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