Verity DG Questions

Who is Verity DG? Tell me more about them?

Verity DG Consulting Inc. provides Dangerous Goods Manuals and TDG Training Programs tailored to meet the diverse range of aviation needs for air operators across Canada. Their comprehensive understanding of the current and upcoming regulatory requirements enables them to provide professional expertise unparalleled in the aviation industry.

Their lead consultant and company founder Miranda Friesen brings a wealth of experience, having previously served as a Transport Canada TDG Inspector, specializing in aviation safety and regulatory oversight. During her career at Transport Canada, Miranda’s extensive work in TDG paved the way for several national initiatives including the National Lithium Battery Campaign and implementing TDG training to Inspectors across Canada. Additionally, Miranda played an instrumental role in the promotion of aviation safety through co-chairing the Lithium Battery Working Group in Ottawa, speaking at the Unmanned Systems Canada Conference in 2013 and presenting at the International Aircraft Systems Fire Protection WG Meeting in Germany in 2014. In conjunction with her role as a TDG Inspector, Miranda’s in-depth knowledge and investigative experience led her to become a member of Transport Canada’s Centre for Enforcement Expertise from 2014-2021.

What specific services does Verity DG provide?

Verity DG has been partnering with industry-leading organizations and air operators since 2021. They collaborate closely with operators to provide company-specific dangerous goods manuals and competency-based training programs that align with current regulatory requirements. In addition to supplying air operators with DG Manuals and DG Training through their LMS Training Portal, their services and expertise expand into various other areas, including: company-specific DG consulting services, liaising with associations in the aviation industry on regulatory updates, company site audits, compliance services including corrective action plans, and the development of DG training programs for agencies and organizations.

What is the first step in transitioning from another DG provider to Verity?

The first step is to contact Verity DG Consulting Inc. to determine your company-specific needs and requirements.
[email protected]
(604) 330-6834

Does this satisfy the requirement for competency-based training?

Yes, all DG competency-based training requirements will be included and provided by Verity DG Consulting. The training is integrated into the Cirro Company Library and record keeping can be demonstrated during Transport Canada Audits and Inspections.

Using Cirro, clients can verify that employees have completed the competency-based portion of the training program and clients will meet the record-keeping requirements.

How long can we expect before seeing the manual and training program approvals?

While Verity clients have experienced a smooth and efficient approval process, Transport Canada’s Service Standard is 60 days upon assignment of the file to a TDG Inspector.

Are Verity Manuals and Training available in French?

All manuals and training will initially be provided in English only. We will update you when future planning for translation and development are expected.

What are the costs associated with Verity?

Costs can vary based on the scope of your company dangerous goods operations. Please contact Verity DG Consulting Inc. for specific details and a cost estimate. Verity DG is also offering a 10% discount for new Verity DG clients on the 2023-2024 compliant DG Manual and DG Training package. Contact Verity at [email protected] to learn more.