Month: February 2024

Cirro 24.8.0

Passenger Manifesting Added additional prompts to notify pilots of users that may have been missed when using the bulk briefing tools in Passenger Manifesting / Brief Passengers. Resolved issue using Client dropdown to sort passengers in Flight Itinerary or Flight...

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Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Aviation SMS App

In the rapidly changing and regulated world of aviation, selecting the right Safety Management System (SMS) app is critical to the safety of clients and crews. Cirro’s SMS module is customizable to address your unique challenges and it is designed to be simple-to-use...

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Cirro 24.6.0

General Improved wording for offline item text to include the number of offline items waiting synchronization. Company Library Improved text notification to admin if incorrect credentials were added when linking a Verity DG training account. Removed/hid incessant...

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