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Cirro by AirSuite launches new Flight Duty Time tool compliant with new, upcoming regulations

Today, AirSuite officially launched the new Flight Duty Time (FDT) module included in their full suite of flight management tools. The launch is two months in advance of the new Transport Canada Flight Duty Time regulations coming into effect this December for 703 and 704 series operators. Cirro also continues to support Canadian 705 operators with the prescriptive regulations. “This

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The Top 10 Reasons Why Operators Choose Cirro

It was only 12 years ago, in 2010, that the first iPad was released. Ushering in an era of mobile electronic flight bags that have since changed how pilots and operators handle the process of flight planning, following and managing. In the years that followed, a variety of solutions have been developed to improve the conventional paper-based approach.


Offline functionality

Cirro is the first complete software package of flight management tools to specifically focus on operations. Cirro gives operators access to important fleet and crew specific details, putting all aspects of flight planning, scheduling …


Introducing the New AirSuite and Aerostudies Learning Management Integration

AirSuite, a leading provider of flight management software, today launched a new integration with learning management systems provider Aerostudies. The integration leverages Aerostudies’ world-class online ASCENT Aviation E-training System to enhance Cirro’s document and certificate tracking tools. “Our clients are always trying to find ways to reduce duplication of work in an effort to find efficiencies. The integration with Aerostudies

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Cirro Version 1.51.1

Cirro 1.51.1 is now out! Head over to the app store and update to have the latest and greatest features and upgrades.


MAG Aerospace Canada to Integrate AirSuite Into Digital Workflow

MAG Aerospace Canada, an industry leader in providing specialized aviation services in aerial fire management, airborne imagery, air charter, and flight training, has begun integrating AirSuite’s flagship product Cirro into their workflow to streamline the process of document management and flight duty time tracking. MAG Aerospace is a leader in providing and enabling global situational awareness to help its customers make the

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How to reset Cirro’s web permission

Cirro’s web app utilizes a Google Chrome feature that enables storing your Cirro data locally on your computer


De Havilland Flight Operations Goes Digital with Cirro

Cirro, the flight management platform built to streamline the compliance process of flight operations, now counts De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited (De Havilland Canada) and sister company Viking Air Limited (Viking) among its client list. Both companies are subsidiaries of Longview Aviation Capital Corp. De Havilland Canada is a leader in the OEM market, with an impressive heritage built

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Yellowhead Helicopters chooses AirSuite to provide flight operations solution

AirSuite is pleased to announce that Yellowhead Helicopters has begun leveraging AirSuite’s flagship product, Cirro, to continue to advance their heli operations. Supporting the forestry, mining, petroleum, utility and tourism industries for over 40 years, Yellowhead Helicopters is taking advantage of Cirro’s complete software suite to support their process of flight planning, following and managing. Among many of the criteria

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Company Library Bulk Editor

Cirro’s new bulk tag editor makes it a breeze to add or remove tags from multiple resources