One-Stop, Built-In Certifications: Cirro now offers YOW Canada certifications as a premium feature

by | Apr 30, 2024 | App Features, Corporate News

April 29, 2024, Ontario – Cirro by AirSuite proudly announces an on-demand enhancement to our Company Library and Certifications module with the addition of YOW Canada Certifications for all Canadian Operators. This strategic feature signifies our commitment to providing Cirro users not only with powerful tools, but also the opportunity to upskill, comply, and achieve professional workplace health and safety certifications directly within Cirro.

Key Features of the YOW Canada Certifications within Cirro’s Company Library include:

  • Comprehensive Training Modules
    Canadian Cirro users can access a range of federally compliant training modules covering specific skills, from WHMIS proficiency to specialized certifications.
  • Built-in Workflow
    YOW Canada training and certifications are built into and accessed in the Company Library and are specific to the user’s profile. Users are automatically notified and redirected to the training and quizzes. Certifications are automatically updated within Cirro, in the user’s training records.
  • Continuous Learning and Updates
    YOW Canada Certifications in Cirro ensure that users stay current with the latest regulated and mandated health and safety best practices. Regular updates to certification requirements reflect the changes in federal legislation and are regularly updated by YOW Canada to comply.
  • Enhanced User Training
    Users certifications are updated directly on their profiles and are overseen by operations management. This not only enhances professional credibility but also fosters a sense of accomplishment and recognition.

“Our Canadian users asked for the complete package of digital workplace certification training for both ground and air crew members, and they wanted it all to be accessible within Cirro, and we’re delivering,” says Doug Carlson, COO of Cirro by AirSuite.

“Providing built-in YOW Canada training and certifications within Cirro gives our clients better value and reaffirms our dedication to facilitating compliance in one place, all within Cirro’s full suite of tools.”

With a focus on innovation, AirSuite aims to empower users with self-serve tools, delivering software solutions that go beyond expectations, and in this case, foster professional development.

For media inquiries or additional information, please contact:

Marie-Chantale Perron
Director Marketing and Sales
YOW Canada
Phone: 1-866-688-2845 x 215
Email: [email protected]

Kim Latimer
Communications & Human Resources Director
Cirro by AirSuite
[email protected]
mobile: 807-621-4303
office: 807-577-7511 x 401

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