by | Aug 14, 2023 | Changelog


  • Weekly summary emails are now delivered at Monday, midnight, in the user’s preferred timezone.
  • New users added through the Cirro interface will now be prompted to reset their password on their initial login to further promote system security.
  • Users and aircraft may now be filtered by department in the schedule module. A department must be associated to at least one client in order for the department filters to apply, and this is in addition to any base filters but can be applied independent of base filtering. Please contact Cirro support for a further tutorial if interested in sorting by department.


  • Deleted tasks are no longer displayed in the calendar.
  • Deleted users are no longer displayed in resource mode or “staff associated with booking” section.
  • Aircraft and Crew may now be sorted by Department if at least one Department is associated to a Client in the Clients & Jobs module.

Company Library

  • Admins can now combine multiple status filters when exporting certificate results. For example, Expired + Upcoming.

Flight Itineraries

  • Capabilities (such as expired TDG training) requiring an admin override during the creation of a flight itinerary now file the itinerary to a PENDING state allowing admins to review and approve or deny the requested action. This is similar to the Flight Release process followed for Flight Risk Assessments.
  • Interary ETA Time input toggle made more apparent as switch-able between Local and UTC time.
  • “Itinerary Filed” email notification now includes timezone of expiry/return time inputted by crewmember.

Clients & Jobs

  • Fixed typo in client setup page.

Admin Tools

  • Fixed colour/visibility of ‘back button’ in user accounts’ batch edit tool.
  • A crewmember’s assigned departments can now be managed within Admin Tools->User Accounts->(select user)->Staff Details. Find the new Departments section to assign or remove a user from departments.