AirSuite Inc. and Verity Dangerous Goods Consulting Inc. partner and launch a new TDG compliance tool

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Corporate News

Together, Cirro by AirSuite Inc. and Verity Dangerous Goods Consulting Inc. officially partner to deliver the complete Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) compliance package, including all TDG manuals, training, acceptance, record keeping, and Competency-Based Training.

The new Cirro + Verity TDG Module promises to meet ongoing regulatory updates to support operators—it works both on and offline, and on all device types. The new TDG module is anticipated for release in early November. It will be offered in Cirro’s full suite of online flight management tools and has been in development since May of 2023.

“TDG is a complex area of compliance, leading operators to seek out our expertise,” says Miranda Friesen, President and Lead TDG Consultant, Verity DG Consulting Inc. “We have listened to what industry needs and teamed up with professional developers at AirSuite to offer a digital solution. Given the significant changes on the horizon for the TDG by Air Requirements, we are excited to provide a digital tool that will continuously be updated for operators to meet these required changes going forward.”

According to a Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement of the “Regulations Amending Certain Regulations Made under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992 (Part 12 and International Harmonization Update)” significant updates are expected between 2022 and 2031. Some of the regulatory changes specific to air operations include: aerial work and fire suppression activities, limited access activities, consumer commodities, requirements for record keeping, and reporting requirements.

“Audits naturally come with significant changes to regulations. With the expertise of our partners Verity DG, we are confident that we can deliver stronger decision-making and compliance backed by our own professional, secure development to reduce risk,” says Michael Kleywegt, CEO of AirSuite. “With Verity DG, we have the solution.”

Benefits of the new Cirro + Verity TDG Module include:

  • Constant compliance, Cirro TDG module is continually updated to changing regulations,
  • Compliant with Competency-Based Training requirements,
  • Digital access to Verity DGs integrated manuals and training programs in the TDG module,
  • Digital access to IATA DG database and Emergency Response Guidebook (available offline),
  • Verity DG online training courses directly linked to Cirro,
  • TDG training course completions and expirations monitored through Cirro,
  • Verity DG acceptance checklists are integrated into the TDG module,
  • Compliant DG manifests to support the DG acceptance process (available offline),
  • All TDG records are available on-demand for auditing and compliance.

“With the Cirro + Verity TDG tool, all certifications and the selection of DG items will automatically flow into the flight planning process ensuring that data is updated, logged and directly reported from the pilot’s mobile device or laptop,” says Doug Carlson, COO of AirSuite. “The TDG module will capture detailed tracking both on and offline that can be downloaded by the ops team, and it will alert pilots and crews if they’re out of compliance.

“We’re here to help operators exceed safety regulations for TDG,” adds Carlson. Learn more at TDG feature page. *Note: Cirro’s current TDG module will be retired at the launch of the new Cirro + Verity TDG module.


About Cirro by AirSuite

We’re Canada’s preferred flight operations management system and a trusted and secure Electronic Flight Bag on the North American market. Our software is fully compliant with industry regulations and restrictions. Cirro was developed with your entire operation in mind—not only is it created by pilots for pilots—it is customizable for commercial aviation companies, and specifically built to meet the needs of operations managers, owners and administrative teams. Cirro is in continuous, next-generation development backed by a team of professional developers with a focus on cybersecurity.

About Verity DG

Verity DG Consulting Inc. has been partnering with industry-leading organizations and air operators since 2021. We collaborate closely with operators to provide company-specific dangerous goods manuals and competency-based training programs that align with current regulatory requirements. Our lead consultant and company founder brings a wealth of experience, having previously served as a Transport Canada TDG Inspector, specializing in aviation safety and regulatory oversight. Our team has over 35 years of combined experience in the aviation industry and regulatory domain, establishing us as subject matter experts unparalleled in Canada. Our clients benefit from a streamlined process for the submission of company dangerous goods applications to Transport Canada, ensuring efficient approvals and regulatory compliance.

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Verity DG Consulting Inc.
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