by | Sep 29, 2023 | Changelog


  • Resolved issues clearing Required Offline Content pop-up for Airport Database.

Flight Reports

  • Fixed issue with ‘View Flight Report’ link included with notification email when no signature is required.


  • Fixed issue with billable custom field information being hidden from the ‘Description’ field on invoices.

Flight Duty Times

  • Added sync icon to Admin Update Duty Times page to indicate a background sync is in progress.
  • Fixed issue with Unforeseen Operations Circumstances toggle disappearing in overnight entries.
  • CAR 700.29(1)(c) logic regarding duty-only days updated to withhold violations until a Flight Duty Period is completed/inputted.
  • Overnight Reserve Availability Periods can now be entered without issue in certain edge cases.

Passenger Briefing

  • Patched edge case that could cause accidental deletion of passenger briefing form templates.

Company Library

  • Fixed error with renaming or deleting a Resource folder.
  • Fixed display error when uploading or deleting a Resource.


  • Fixed issue downloading .kmz files from a booking.