by | Oct 27, 2023 | Changelog

User Accounts

  • Added “User Last Seen” field shown on the user overview page, indicating the user’s last sync.
  • Fixed issue with admins updating a user’s primary email address.
  • Fixed issue where hidden users were appearing in active pilot lists in Flight Itineraries, Flight Reports and Admin FDT Update Tool.

Company Library

  • Fixed issue with exporting user certificate records to .zip files.
  • Fixed issue opening certain file types multiple times in succession.

Flight Duty Times

  • Patched erroneous warning related to the 4 single days free from duty requirement per CAR 700.29(1)(c)(ii).

Flight Itinerary

  • Flight Itineraries in a warning state can no longer be extended longer than 72hrs via phone call touch tone.

Flight Reports

  • Email addresses added to the ‘Custom Email’ field on in-progress flight reports will now be saved between syncs.


  • Resource mode view timeframe is now retained on refresh instead of defaulting to month view.