by | Nov 7, 2023 | Changelog

Flight Reports

  • Client/Job and Crewmember dropdowns will no longer null out if the “create new flight report” button is selected very quickly on first load of the app.
  • Fixed issue where per-leg Custom Fields were being hidden on ‘Leg 1’ in select scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue where some flight reports could no longer be viewed by admins if the reporting user changed their Cirro chat name (i.e. Bob Smith to Robert Smith).

Flight Duty Times

  • Removed yellow highlighting for overnight rest hour requirement.
  • Days off in last 90 logic under Special Authorization 722.96 updated.
  • Updated logic to improve calculations for 8 hour single pilot limitations in the last 24 consecutive hours.
  • Removed single pilot earliest available flight duty period comments for dual pilot operations.
  • Fixed an issue that was only allowing FDT reports to be viewed and exported for the last 365 days. All available records are now capable of reporting and export.
  • Improved wording of pop-ups related to Timezone Discrepancies; both for daily entry and homebase changes.
  • Improved handling of single vs. dual pilot leg information for IFR single pilot 8 hour flight time limitations for 604 and 702 operations
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing 700.29(1)(d) rest time violations from appearing in certain cases, and added additional early warnings for users approaching limits.

Company Library

  • Fixed issue to display users added phone numbers on internal company contact card.
  • Fixed issue with naming alternate email addresses on internal company contact card.
  • Fixed issue with duplicated phone numbers in listed internal contacts.

Automated Actions

  • Fixed issue where running an expired action resulted in duplicate email notifications and files for download.