by | Nov 23, 2023 | Changelog

Company Library

  • Added a ‘Future Forecasting’ ability to all certificate views to mimic the expired, and upcoming certificate status for future planning. This can be accessed through the filters icon in any user or company certificate view.
  • Added integration with Verity DG’s instance of LearnWorlds LMS.
  • Added the option to automatically enroll newly added Cirro users into AeroStudies LMS so that those new users did not have to be duplicated in the AeroStudies Learning Centre prior to course assignments.
  • Fixed issue that was preventing signatures from being viewed on filled Forms.

Flight Duty Times

  • Fixed issue applying the CAR702.93 split duty logic for 702 operations.
  • Fixed issue uploading .cirroFDT file with the “import my personal information and emergency contact info” checkbox selected.


  • Fixed an issue where photos uploaded from a mobile device were showing the file name of ‘undefined’.
  • Fixed an issue where file upload requirement text was not being displayed properly on smaller mobile device screens in portrait mode.

User Accounts

  • Fixed issue saving any updates to a new user’s mailing address.

Flight Reports

  • Fixed an issue that would cause some Global Flight Report CC contacts to be duplicated on certain flight reports, resulting in duplicate emails being sent to those contacts.

Passenger Manifesting

  • Fixed an issue where the per-leg passenger count would default to one passenger if all passengers on the leg were actually removed.