by | Dec 1, 2023 | Changelog


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the use of the drag and drop function for all file input sections.
  • Fixed an issue where images taken using an iPad within the Cirro file input section were not being saved.
  • Fixed an issue where a 500 error was presented to the admin when bulk assigning tags to some users.

Flight Itinerary

  • Added the option to manage what additional itinerary fields are shown or hidden for a group. Fields such as VIP Flight, Emergency Equipment Options, Timezone, etc, can now be shown or hidden for your group by heading into Admin Tools / Itinerary Options and Alerting Thresholds.
  • Added the option to allow crews to file an itinerary with zero fuel in order to view total useful load.
  • Fixed an issue where the ETA time listed in the itinerary emails was showing the incorrect timezone offset.

Flight Reports

  • Added additional options on what data elements can be shown or hidden from the crews, or hidden on the final flight report presented to the client. These options can be enabled or disabled per job.

Passenger Manifesting

  • Added the option for passengers briefings to expire within hours, ranging from 1 – 23 hours as daily expiry options already exist. This new feature allows operators to account for clients that require their passengers be briefed for each flight.
  • Added to option to ‘Remove All Passengers’ when passengers are assigned seating locations in the W&B module, or on the per leg W&B entry. This allows you to quickly drop off all passengers and make them available for seatings assignment on future legs.

Fuel Cache Tracking

  • Added Fuel Cache notification type to Admins Tools / Reports / Notification Log filters.
  • Fixed issues in the flight report automatic update of fuel cache values and historical logs.

Maps and Charts

  • Updated ICAO airport codes.

Automated Actions

  • Fixed an issue where an error message would appear when deleting an expired automated action.

Safety Management (SMS)

  • Fixed an issue where users in a disabled state would still receive email notifications from the safety management system.