by | Dec 4, 2023 | Changelog

Flight Itinerary

  • Added a display of current leg flight time, and total itinerary flight time in the top header of the flight leg details page.
  • Added ‘No Shutdown’ option between legs captured during the flight on the flight leg details page. This is intended for the scenario where no STOP time or START time needs to be captured between legs, as there was no shutdown. The inputs from the itinerary flight legs and corresponding shutdown status will also be reflected in the Flight Report.

Flight Reports

  • Patched issue importing Flight Report hours to Flight Duty Times where PIC values would erroneously populate in the SIC field.

Fuel Caches

  • Added an ‘Out of Service’ indication for fuel caches. This can be applied when making a cache update from within the Maps and Charts module, or from Admin Tools / Manage Fuel Caches.


  • Fixed misleading warning text which would show “day off required” when scheduling a crewmember despite no such requirement.