by | Dec 21, 2023 | Changelog


  • Adjustments with more than two decimal values are now displayed in full on the final invoice.

Flight Duty Times

  • Average flight time for Canadian 703/704/705 operations can now be auto-calculated based on inputted flight legs. Users must ensure their FDT Defaults are not set to “Day VFR” for this feature to activate.
  • Fixed bug with ‘FT Total’ column for Unknown Aircraft in Pilot Information Sheets.
  • Fixed an issue where some FDT default settings such as logging, and certain hide / show settings were not properly saving.
  • Added warnings for 28 and 365 day hours of work limits under Canadian 703/704/705 operations when inputting duty only days.

Flight Reports

  • Fixed an issue where the flight report leg input screen would load to leg 1 when adding passengers or manifests to other legs resulting in unnecessary scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue that would incorrectly link leg DOWN and UP times when the ‘No Shutdown’ option was used and the aircraft was tracking air time only.

Maps and Charts

  • Fixed issue with weather-related colour coding of aerodrome icons.

Passenger Briefings

  • Passenger briefing status now maintained between itinerary legs which carry the same passengers.

Automated Actions

  • Reports that are run with 0 results are now included in the ‘Automated Actions History’ tab.
  • Recipients for reports run with 0 results now receive an email notification.