by | Mar 6, 2024 | Changelog

Passenger Manifesting

  • Fixed issue where passengers associated with Archived Clients were not properly displaying when the Not Assigned (N/A) dropdown filter was selected.
  • Added the ability to filter by, and add passengers, from all system clients when creating an itinerary, flight report, or scheduled event. The filter will default to the selected client, but can be changed to view all or any other passenger grouping.


  • Fixed issue where default aircraft rates with a decimal assigned in Admin Tools / Aircraft Maintenance / Aircraft list were being rounded to the nearest whole value in the quoting module.
  • Fixed issue generating a quote when the Passenger Manifesting module was deactivated.
  • Fixed rounding error when using per mile billing options.
  • Fixed tax value rounding error.


  • Fixed issue where users were unable to create an invoice from a completed quote.


  • Fixed issue managing passengers on a per leg basis within scheduler events.