by | May 15, 2024 | Changelog

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Canada)

  • Added the ability to create Equivalency Certificates (EC) to all items that are forbidden for passenger transport, forbidden for all transport, over acceptable volume/mass limits, extended aerial work operation types, and other exemptions not defined by the system. They can be managed by a DG Admin in the DG module / Settings and Configurations. As the EC work continues, all Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC) offered EC’s will be made available as a templated option.
  • Added the ability to resend emails to collect missing manifest signatures and additional sign now options available in the Manifest Reporting section.

User Admin

  • Fixed issue with batch edit function for base assignment.

Flight Itinerary

  • Fixed issue uploading an offline-filed itinerary.
  • Fixed issue with manual leg route inputs “division by zero”.

Flight Report

  • PDF attachment no longer displays in landscape mode unless explicitly set as such.

Flight Duty Times

  • Fixed issue when importing overnight (transiting 2359-0000) flights from a flight report.

Safety Management

  • Keywords are now sorted in alphabetical order consistently throughout Cirro.