by | Jan 25, 2024 | Changelog

Passenger Manifesting

  • A thorough overhaul of the passenger manifesting code base was completed over the holiday season, with a focus on improving stability in offline or intermittent connections. This includes passenger briefings, and significantly increased the frequency at which Cirro attempts to save briefings performed online and offline. For example, when briefing multiple passengers at once, Cirro no longer waits until the end of all passenger briefings to lock in the briefings. The briefings are now saved immediately upon completion for each passenger in the list. See below for more features added during this overhaul.
  • Added the ability to save the passenger manifest as part of an itinerary template.
  • Added ability to filter by client when viewing the passenger list in Manage Passengers.
  • Added ability to add new passengers directly through the Brief Passengers section of the module.
  • Added ability to report on passenger manifests in greater depth via the new “Flight Operations Report” within Admin Tools->Reports
  • Improved passenger filtering when adding passengers to a client-specific manifest (all eligible passengers are now grouped together).
  • Improved syncing of changes made to existing manifests.
  • Fixed issue with the display of individual passenger details when viewed within the Manage Manifests section.
  • Fixed issue where in some cases the same passenger could be added twice to a single manifest.

Admin Tools

  • Added “Flight Operations Report” to allow more in-depth data extraction possibilities on flight itinerary, flight report, passenger manifests, and more.

Flight Duty Times

  • US Admin FDT Report now shows days free from duty in the past quarter, 2 quarters, and calendar year.
  • Within US Admin FDT Report, a crewmember operating under Part 91, Part 137, Part 135.271 HEMS will now display total flight time and rest day values for the past quarter, two quarters, and calendar year.
  • Under Canadian 702/604/406 regulations, the summary for 703/704/705 limits will now be displayed before entering duty times if activated in the user’s FDT Defaults.
  • Patched issue with Canadian 703/704/705 Next Day Off prediction tool.

Flight Reports / Clients & Jobs

  • Patched an issue where Flight Reports created for a Job later marked as finished were listed with ‘Undefined’ client and job information in the admin sections of the Flight Reports module.
  • Aircraft linked to WinAir Maintenance System can now set the Volume and Page number through Cirro when updating the technical records in the Flight Report phase.

Weight and Balance

  • Fixed an issue where W&B kit items were displaying an incorrect arm value due to rounding, although the correct values were still being used for calculations.

Company Library – Certificates

  • Fixed formatting issue on iOS with certificate record file attachment icon.