by | Feb 23, 2024 | Changelog

Passenger Manifesting

  • Added additional prompts to notify pilots of users that may have been missed when using the bulk briefing tools in Passenger Manifesting / Brief Passengers.
  • Resolved issue using Client dropdown to sort passengers in Flight Itinerary or Flight Report module.


  • Passenger manifests can now be managed within and added to quotes. This combines with the “create scheduler event from quote” features to maintain per leg passenger rosters through to the Scheduler, Flight Itinerary, and Flight Report.
  • A quote can now be used to generate a scheduler event, a flight report, or both. This flight report or scheduler event will use the same client/job, aircraft(s), routing(s), and passenger manifest(s).
  • Quote emails and online review/approval hyperlinks are now available in French and English.
  • Fixed issue with quote display in emails to external contacts.
  • Fixed issue with external quote-approval signature pad.
  • Fixed issue with quote summary cost values when billing by distance.


  • Invoice emails and online review hyperlinks are now available in French and English.

Company Library

  • Changed the label ‘Integrations’ to ‘Training Courses’ when editing a certificate’s details.


  • Custom colours can now be assigned to events in the scheduler. Head into Admin Tools->Scheduler Options to find the new ‘Scheduler Categories’ section and generate colour-coded categories. After this, any event in the scheduler can be assigned to a category to match the assigned category colour.
  • Added workover hours display along with reporting via Cirro API.
  • Resolved issue with scheduler booking acknowledgements.

Flight Duty Times

  • Fixed issue with CAR700.103(e) applying the 365-Day Flight Time Limit to medevac operations.