Aerostudies Inc.

The Aerostudies integration leverages their world-class ASCENT Aviation E-Training System to enhance Cirro’s document and certificate tracking tools. The integration will allow operators to deploy required training programs and deliver them to a large number of learners while controlling the learning process, measuring the training results and tracking certificates.

How to setup
Request Cirro and AeroStudies Integration
If you would like to integrate your Cirro and ASCENT account, the first step is to contact Cirro support and request the integration. We will then reach out to our friends at AeroStudies and create the necessary connection.

How to use
Create a Training Courses
Within your ASCENT account, create training courses or exam packages. These will then be available in Cirro to be attached to any of certificate .

Create Certificates in Cirro
Within the company library module, select the manage company certificates button and then the create new certificate icon. After filling out the certificate details, select the option to attach a training course. Choose from your list of available courses and hit save.

Track Certificates Progress
Within the company library module, select the manage company certificates button. From the list of certificates, choose one for review. The following page is filtered by four options based on the certificate status as it relates to your users. For example, the expired option will display all users that have an expired result for the specific certificate. To view more details regarding training course progress, click on any user to view a history of their results.