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Is this for small or large operators?

If you’re thinking ‘I am a small operator with a few aircraft and personnel, this is probably too much for my operations,’ keep reading, because this new module applies directly to you. The DG manual, training, and compliance requirements are the same if you are a one-aircraft, one-pilot operator, or a larger fleet with 100+ aircraft, regardless of which part of the CARs you operate within. Efficiencies are gained through training integrations, removing additional admin overhead to manage and apply paper-based or spreadsheet systems, process automations to save time, reducing errors, centralizing your TDG documentation, and reducing auditing efforts. Regardless of your company’s size, overall compliance is always the responsibility of the operator. Contact Verity and AirSuite to get the best pricing that we’ll match to your specific needs and benefit from our 10%-off promotion (offered for a limited time only as part of the launch of the new Cirro + Verity TDG module).
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Why is AirSuite retiring its current TDG module?

We reached out to Canadian DG consultants during the initial development of the original DG module, unfortunately there was no response. Instead, we built a basic module to meet the interim needs of most Canadian operators at the time.

However, over the past few years, ensuring that the module was in compliance became an arduous task, one that continues to require specialized expertise in the nuances of Canadian TDG requirements. At AirSuite we recognize the value and importance of specialized oversight, and strategically partner with subject matter experts to ensure the highest quality of compliance tools that our clients have come to appreciate and expect.

With the recent competency-based changes that have come into effect in Canada, and the significant changes to the air regulations on the horizon, combined with the increasing demand for digital systems for flight ops management, we identified Verity Dangerous Goods as the most reputable, experienced, and growth-focused company in Canada in this area. Clients of Verity DG have enjoyed the advantages of receiving Transport Canada approvals on 2023-2024 compliant DG manuals and competency-based training programs for the past year. Together, Cirro and Verity DG are poised to be the TDG one-stop shop for air operators.

*Note: The Verity DG content, processes, and resources contained within the new Cirro + Verity TDG module are their Intellectual Property and up to date with the current requirements.

What are the Air Operator Requirements?

Verity DG offers a simplified summary of the regulatory expectations of an air operator. This summary is part of our ongoing promise of high-quality service to our clients and is available by request only. It can be referenced within the Cirro + Verity DG module for our mutual clients.

With the new competency-based requirements that came into effect January 1, 2023, all Canadian air operators are required to submit their updated DG Manuals and Training Programs to Transport Canada to demonstrate that they have integrated the changes into their operations.

Dangerous Goods Operations Manuals

Whenever there is a regulatory change impacting flight operations, the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) and the Commercial Air Service Standard (CASS) require for 702, 703, 704 and 705 operators to update company procedures (and training programs) and submit these updated DG Manuals and TDG Training Programs to Transport Canada for approval. In 2023, there have been significant regulatory changes that now mandate operators to incorporate competency-based training into their company operations. Operators are required to detail their implementation of competency-based training within their DG Manuals and submit these manuals to Transport Canada for approval.

TDG Training Programs

Whenever there is a regulatory change impacting flight operations, the CARs and CASS require for 702, 703, 704, 705 operators to update their current TDG Training Programs and submit these updated training to Transport Canada as well. This year, there have been significant regulatory changes that now mandate operators to incorporate a competency-based training approach into their company operations. Furthermore, Transport Canada requires for the TDG Training Program to be reflective of the DG Manual and contain information about company procedures within the training program. Operators are required to submit the new competency-based training programs along with the updated DG Manuals to Transport Canada for approval.

How does the new TDG module work?

Processes are developed to help operators in their operational activities to meet the regulatory requirements. The DG processes contained in Cirro are directly referenced in the Verity DG supplied manuals and training program approved for your operation.

It all starts with training. Your company’s DG training program is linked to Cirro Certificates similar to our existing LMS integrations. Your staff can access assigned digital training programs directly from within Cirro. Upon completion, their records are automatically updated and maintained on file complete with PDF training certificate and a copy of their completed training exam, eliminating additional login and manual record management. The user’s level of training directly matches their DG processing capabilities in Cirro, and the user will only be able to process DG in Cirro as long and their training remains valid. Cirro can automatically notify the user and training admins of upcoming training expirations.

Once the user is trained, they can accept DG items using company approved checklists directly in Cirro. Checklist options are automated, when possible, to reduce input times, improve accuracy, and eliminate delays and penalties for the incorrect documentation of dangerous goods. DG items can be added on a per-leg basis, online or offline, at any time in preflight, during the flight, and in post flight. Users also have offline access to a searchable DG list, and corresponding Emergency Response Guidebook

All DG training, manifests, and records are permanently maintained and easily accessed through Cirro’s reporting tools.

How do the TDG Competency-Based Training integrations work?

Read more on the Cirro DG page on

Verity DG Consulting Inc. provides all of their training through the Verity DG Online Training Portal. Mutual clients will now enjoy seamless access to their company DG training via the Cirro + Verity integration.

This integration offers numerous benefits, including access and record keeping through the Cirro user interface. It eliminates the need to access training from a separate location; it will automatically update training certifications and you’ll avoid wasting time using different piecemeal apps and extra sets of login credentials.

The integration works intuitively and feels like it’s part of the natural Cirro workflow—auto updating the Company Library module, company certificates and the Flight Itinerary. And there are checkpoints built in, for instance specific DG training, acceptances and requirements must be met for the system to allow you to proceed or it flags you when there are issues, automating the entire TDG process.

What is the transition process ?

Current Verity DG clients who subscribe to Cirro will have access to the TDG module upon release. There will be a grace period of six months before we retire the current Cirro DG module in the spring of 2024. Those who are interested in using the Cirro + Verity TDG module and have these processes reflected in their DG OPS Manuals and Training Programs can contact Verity DG to begin this transition.

Similar to the other parts of your company operations manuals, the flight manifest template and the procedures for completing your flight manifest are required to be described within your dangerous goods operations manual. The use of the Cirro + Verity TDG module is described within the Verity DG manuals and training programs to properly reflect your operational activities. Verity DG’s online training courses have been integrated into your Cirro Company Library for record keeping, course completions, and capabilities for competency-based record keeping.

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Is WHMIS part of the Cirro + Verity TDG Module?

WHMIS is not TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods). WHIMIS is Workplace Hazardous Material Identification System and is a workplace Health and Safety requirement specific to each workplace. It is a separate type of training. All workplaces are legally required to train their staff on WHMIS under the Occupational Health and Safety Act in Canada. There are several providers in Canada who offer WHMIS staff training.

Have platform specific questions?

  • Save time with each DG report—up to 5 mins or more with each documentation
  • Reduce errors with automated processes that meet new requirements
  • Eliminate lengthy delays and significantly reduce incorrect documentation

Added benefits of the Cirro + Verity TDG module include ongoing maintenance and quality assurance; updated, easy to use content; access to effective workflows, and DG expertise of required processes. In-app alerting and messaging about upcoming regulatory changes, and required training and certifications, will help keep your team organized and current.

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