Remote Helicopters welcomes Cirro on-board as its electronic flight system

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Corporate News



Thunder Bay, August 2, 2016 Remote Helicopters selected Cirro flight management software, installing it on all of their computers and mobile devices used for the company’s fleet of 11 aircraft.

Remote Helicopters provides services for the petroleum and gas industry, as well as forestry and mining & exploration. The company also specializes in thermal infrared services. Remote Helicopters has four bases in Alberta and one in the Northwest Territories.

“It’s exactly what we needed. Cirro is very easy to use and our pilots can access everything they need in a matter of minutes”, says Jeff Lukan, President of Remote Helicopters.

Cirro flight management software by AirSuite Inc. was launched in November 2015. Since that time, the number of users has increased exponentially and it has been installed on the mobile devices of helicopter operators across the country.

“Operators are getting the tools they’ve requested like automated flight overdue alerting, satellite tracking integration, North American charts and airport data, transportation of dangerous goods automation, duty time tracking, document control, memo dissemination and, our soon to be released billing and invoicing module”, says Michael Kleywegt, Lead Developer of Cirro.

“These are the items our operators are struggling with through regulatory and third party audits”, says Kleywegt. Now the solutions are at their fingertips, available on and offline, with full reports to back it all up.

Cirro is available by monthly subscription and uses cloud-based computing to securely store and save information. Visit:


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