by | Jan 26, 2018 | App Features

If you’ve ever gone through an audit you know just how cumbersome relying on paper copies can be. As crusaders of a paperless operation, we’ve focused our efforts on maximizing efficiencies. If there is a faster way to operate, you can be sure we’ll find it.

  • Logging weight and balance? Log it with Cirro.
  • Tracking Company Field Gear. Track it with Cirro.
  • Checking Charts and Maps? Check em’ with Cirro.
  • Monitoring flight status from the ground? Monitor it with …

Well you get the picture.

So if you’re considering going digital, give these 3 modules a try and you’ll see how much faster and easier they make your work!

Maps & Charts

Mapping and charts provides easy access to the data necessary for every day flight planning. The highly integrated mapping function optimizes access to this information through an easy to use interface allowing pilots to quickly view weather radar and cameras, airport data that is color coded to the last reported weather conditions, 3D airspace, METAR/TAF & NOTAM data, geo-referenced airport diagrams, Canadian Flight Supplement (CFS) data, and US Chart Supplement data.

Flight Duty Times

Cirro provides pilot flight duty time tracking and management tools which allows pilots to update their duty times on and offline. It is adaptable for all duty time restrictions including custom rules imposed by clients.

The mobile optimized interface allows pilots to link their duty times to specific aircraft that will provide detailed experience tracking for each aircraft type.

All duty time data automatically synchronizes with the service providing management staff with paramount oversight.

Admin Tools

Administrative functions are only available to staff granted this privilege. This gives access to several setup and reporting features used to administer Cirro. Managers can distribute memos and new resources. Create new certificates to be tracked, and manage client user data sharing.

Reports are provided for certificate tracking, memo distribution and read receipts, Itinerary history with dangerous goods, GPS track, fuel plan and weight and balance data, alerting and notification logs, Pilot flight duty times, Field gear inspections and tracking.