Better, More Efficient Audits With Field Gear Tracking

by | Jun 8, 2017 | App Features

What are the three most dangerous things to a pilot? How about thunder storms, ice, and audits.

Alright maybe that’s an exaggeration. Audits may not be one of the three most dangerous things to a pilot but the mere mention of the word audit is enough to make some people cringe.

So much of a successful audit is going depend on your ability to prepare. However with that being said it’s not always easy to prioritize getting prepared. At least it wasn’t.

Fortunately, Cirro has the right tools to transform the audit process from drudgery to a well-oiled system that automates the compliance process and drives meaningful results.

For example, Cirro’s field gear tracking tool allows for the tracking and autonomous monitoring of various assets like long lines, cargo nets, aircraft spare kits, satellite internet kits, camera kits, extension cords and other pertinent gear.

Need to show the inspection history of your long lines? No problem, just pull out your phone and within a few taps you can show the full inspection history for your gear.

Items can be assigned to various categories, inspection intervals and equipment expiry dates can also be set. Staff can assign items out of the inventory to templates that are accessible during the flight creation process.

The system monitors and generates automated warnings for item inspection intervals, expires, usage hours & defective equipment. You can also attach inspection pictures to each item during inspections to illustrate defects or condition.

Using Cirro to make audits easier and more effective is an important step towards improving the results. Once you eliminate the stacks of binders and tabs of excel spreadsheets, you can focus instead on how to achieve the improvements at the heart of the audit process.