by | Mar 16, 2023 | Changelog

Clients and Jobs

  • Adding multiple crew members to multiple jobs for multiple clients is now possible via the bulk user-update tool in admin tools->user accounts

Flight Duty Times

  • Resolved issue with Hours of Work calculation when switching between Canadian Flight Duty Regulations
  • Fixed issue with Night Duty applying for CARS 700.29(2)(d)(i) before requirements have been met for Night Duty
  • Resolved issue importing Flight Duty Times from a Flight Report with 3 or more crew listed
  • Updated “Duty Time Sync Failed!” error text to include more detail on repairing duty module
  • Updated Canadian Heli-Logging flight time limits to only apply on 30 day and 365 day intervals per CASS 722.92(2)
  • Fixed issue applying CASS 722.92 non-overlapping period in certain scenarios
  • Fixed issue where IFR currency was not being recognized, referencing an invalid Instrument Proficiency Checkride which was indeed valid

Passenger Manifesting & Briefings

  • Fixed issue with passenger briefing record being dropped from new manifests on itineraries

Company Library

  • Fixed issue that was blocking .csv exports of Company Certificate user status reports
  • Resolved issue with AeroStudies integration that blocked some users from enrolling in linked courses
  • Untagged users with upcoming or overdue certificates will now display in the respective column regardless of tag status when filters are set to display unassigned certificate records
  • Certifications associated with an in-progress depublished AeroStudies course no longer mark record as complete
  • Patched issue with User Permissions Overview not displaying direct user capabilities

Maps and Charts

  • Updated airspace layers to include new and updated airspace boundaries

Safety Management

  • Patched issue updating company policies, objectives, and accountable executive info

User Admin

  • Updated Bulk Select tool interface, can now assign users to multiple clients and jobs


  • Cirro logo updated app-wide per re-branding