by | Apr 26, 2023 | Changelog

Flight Duty Times

  • FDT colours updated to enhance visibility of flying legs vs duty period, standby, reserve, future scheduled events, and more. A colour key detailing these updates is now available in the FDT module by selecting the information icon at top right. Hovering over a colour on desktop will also display the label.
  • FDT defaults have been made easier to manage and update in daily settings, the gear icon found at top left of the update duty page. Crews can also set their usual hours of work to be auto-filled for specific days of the week.
  • Improved overnight flight visibility on calendar view.
  • Fixed issue adding certain special characters to the comments section of a flight duty entry.
  • Removed erroneous 703 warnings from 702 Heli-Log only crewmember’s FDT Summary Emails.
  • Removed erroneous hours of work violations for duty only days when a Flight Duty Period was not assigned or accepted under CAR 700.29.
  • Duty entries associated with a Flight Report now include a clickable link to view the FR.
  • Removed all rest requirements between work-only days in Canadian FDT Regulations.
  • Updated rest requirements and predictor for max FDP exceedance scenarios under CAR 700.40(2).
  • Updated rest requirements for consecutive flight duty periods under CAR 700.120.
  • Fixed overnight rest issue with split-duty aerial application rules in CASS 720.16(5).
  • Fixed manual FDT entry issue causing Number of Flights input to not be recognized when populated via the Leg Details.
  • Resolved issue totaling Flight Time when importing consecutive overnight Flight Reports to FDT.
  • Fixed typo on initial FDT settings medevac rest input field.
  • Patched issue with rest violations between Part 135.267 flights.
  • Fixed a rounding issue that would occur on some decimal inputs in the experience tracking fields.
  • Patched display issue for Private Pilot times where day appeared to start at midnight in calendar overview.
  • Improved overnight flight time validation to reduce accidental “doubling up” of flight time.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow users to enter flight time without establishing a flight duty period when using the clockpicker time input method.
  • When performing medevac flights, the most restrictive flight time limit is now displayed.
  • FDT module will now export a backup CirroFDT file when a new file is imported to allow users to revert back to previous state if needed.
  • Added additional protections to notify users on logout if any FDT records failed to sync and will be lost on logout, allow additional actions to resync.
  • Modified FDT Sync logic to continue sync if an issue is detected, and notify the user with the date of the effected record.

Flight Reports

  • Passenger Manifesting now available on Flight Reports, either per report, per leg, or a combination of both.
  • Patched edge case with “send email for signature” function not working after removing prior in-app signature.
  • Added clickable link to view flight reports related to a calendar date in the Flight Duty Time module.


  • Multi-booking crew selection per aircraft no longer displays previously assigned crews multiple times.

Passenger Manifesting

  • Passenger Manifesting now available on Flight Reports, either per report, per leg, or a combination of both.
  • Resolved issue with storing new passengers and briefing records when passengers are created and briefed via the open itinerary process.
  • Changed ‘active’ checkbox in new passenger creation to be turned on by default.

Field Gear Tracking

  • Fixed an issue where field gear notification emails indicated the wrong recipient.

Task Management

  • Non-repetitive tasks can now be set to have limited visibility prior to a future due date.
  • Added information in task creation to notify task creators when the task will become available, and how many times it will repeat (if applicable).
  • Added priority level to tasks, and options to filter by assigned priority.

Personal Preferences

  • Fixed ‘Application State’ pop up on iOS devices.

Admin Tools – Reports

  • Admin Duty Times report no longer includes 1 day outside of specified parameters.
  • When adding new users, crew code field no longer displays “code in use” error when left blank