by | May 12, 2023 | Changelog

Flight Itinerary

  • Added a new feature allowing users to identify a responsible person for flight following from within their organization. If a responsible person is selected this user will receive the same WARNING level notification as the pilot prior to the itinerary expiring, followed by OVERDUE alerts to tiered response users. If a responsible person is not selected, the overdue alerting system will function as normal with OVERDUE notifications being sent first to Tier 1 level users, followed by subsequent tiered response users.
  • Passenger # field now updates per manifest amount.

Flight Duty Times

  • Improved action button layout for smaller device screens
  • Fixed issue with default entry settings where changes to input options were not applied.
  • Fixed issue with calendar not displaying blue color for working only period on mid day rest duty entries
  • Fixed an issue where the Next Day Off and Next Day Off Limit text in the summary was showing references to 703/04/05 prescriptive limits for 604 and 702 dates.
  • Fixed an issue where rest time violations would not appear after consecutive flight duty periods not meeting time free from duty requirements between each FDP, reference CAR 700.120
  • Fixed an issue where rest time violations would appear too soon after 3 consecutive >12hr flight duty periods, also with reference to CAR 700.120
  • Fixed an issue where consecutive hours free from duty were not displaying correctly in the rest table presented to medevac operators for compliance with CAR 700.119
  • Fixed an issue where 703/04/05 ‘Hours of Work’ warnings would appear in the summary for 702 operations.
  • Fixed an issue where standby periods, and flights withing a standby period were not being properly colour coded in the FDT calendar view.

Flight Reports

  • Patched root cause of issue where flight reports would get stuck in an uneditable state
  • Fixed an issue where flight reports timezones were defaulting to UTC if the option to Generate a Flight Report# was selected in the itinerary process.
  • Fixed issue for clients with Passenger Manifesting to allow manual input in number or passenger fields.
  • Restored functionality on Client and Job dropdown filters in Flight Reports overview page


  • Resolved issues where invoices for clients with multiple email addresses were unable to send.

Itineraries – Passenger Briefings

  • Patched issue with saving briefing records for passengers added to open flight itineraries.

Admin Tools – General

  • Patched issue where Super Users and Admins were unable to delete a Base