by | Jun 1, 2023 | Changelog


  • Capabilities tab in Admin Tools / User Accounts has now been renamed to Permissions to better reflect its use.
  • Updated notification prompts and handling of expired verification codes for users attempting to update or verify their email address / username.
  • Added option to Personal Preferences to allow users to log out of all devices on their account. The same option can be initiated by an admin in Admin Tools / User Accounts.
  • Added notifications and system protections to ensure that at least one user in the group is enrolled to receive system critical notifications. For example, all users cannot unsubscribe from overdue aircraft notifications.

Passenger Manifesting

  • Patched issue updating passenger briefings via flight following module for an offline itinerary.

Flight Duty Times

  • Added a quick link to admin FDT update tool from the schedule. Simply right-click on a booking and select the Edit FDT option for any assigned pilot crews.
  • Viewing currency report with a previous date selected in the FDT calendar view once again displays currency as of that date.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘NOff’ Next Day Off date was showing the current date for 703/04/05 regulation entries.
  • Added option to select Custom FDT rules as part of the FDT default settings.
  • Added an option for users to unsubscribe from their own Flight Duty Time Warning and Violation emails.

Time Sheets

  • Fixed an issue where time sheet admins could not process and approve records without having associated expense permissions.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Air)

  • TDG Air Training Records have been migrated from Admin Tools / Dangerous Goods Settings to an automatically generated certificate in the Company Library. TDG Level of Training and expirations can be managed through this new certificate. This is part one of an ongoing rework of our TDG module aiming to maintain compliance with regulatory changes, and increase usability in real world scenarios. More exciting information to come as things progress.


  • Added a quick link to admin FDT update tool from the schedule. Simply right-click on a booking and select the Edit FDT option for any assigned pilot crews.
  • Added a ‘Notes’ field that is independent of all information on the booking. Information added here will not be removed through any subsequent booking changes.
  • Scheduler filters are now retained on system refresh, no longer requiring scheduler admins to reset their preferred view on each entry to the system.
  • Per Leg Passenger Manifest updates now properly save when accessed via right click or edit booking page.
  • Hot Patched issue updating planned legs from Resource Mode right click menu.
  • Fixed issue updating booking legs when default passenger manifest is added without any per-leg passenger additions.

Flight Reports

  • When creating multiple flight reports in one session, “Email Flight Report to PIC & SIC” checkbox will no longer erroneously display as selected when it is not.
  • Removed access to passenger briefing signature images from Flight Report quick view due to intermittent app crashing when running iOS 14.6.1(a).
  • Fixed an issue where users assigned to global jobs were not able to access them via the job dropdown menu when creating a flight report.


  • Patched issue filing global job expenses.

Field Gear Tracking

  • Fixed an issue where information contained the Field Gear CSV export was shifted over by a column if the item information contained a comma.


  • Deleted users no longer appear in the user selection dropdown in Admin Expenses.

Risk Assessments (FRAT)

  • Admin report for risk assessments can now be filtered by form name and operation type.

Flight Itineraries

  • Added new Flight Itinerary permission level of ‘None’. Users assigned with ‘None’ level Flight Itinerary permissions will not be able to access the module.
  • Fixed issue with offline itineraries failing to upload once back online.
  • Passenger briefings may now be completed through flight following module via itinerary edit page.

Personal Itineraries

  • Fixed issue where Tier 1 users were receiving Warning emails for personal itineraries that had not yet reached the Tier 1 alerting threshold.


  • Weekly summary email now shows past incomplete tasks.
  • Tasks which are in a deleted, completed, or incomplete & deleted state no longer show on weekly summary report.
  • Fixed edge case with monthly repeating tasks available for 4 weeks ahead of due date.
  • Future scheduled tasks now show up for task creator.

Admin Tools

  • Restored access to Manage Flight Templates.
  • Added new Flight Itinerary permission level of ‘None’. Users assigned the ‘None’ level Flight Itinerary permission will not be able to access the module.
  • Fixed an issue where users with reporting or admin level access to Flight Itineraries were not able to view weight and balance, risk assessment, or TDG manifest linked to a historical flight record.
  • Restored access to Manage Client/Enterprise Sharing.