by | Jun 15, 2023 | Changelog

Billing and Invoicing

  • Flight Report and Invoice numbers are now included in the subject line of any related notification emails.
  • Job level contacts can now be added for Flight Report email notifications, either separate from or in addition to the client contact email.

Maps and Charts

  • Fixed an issue where the block grid was not appearing in an offline state for users accessing the OMNR basemap and block grid structure.
  • Fixed an issue where boundaries of shapes in KMZ / KML files were not being displayed on the map on import.
  • Fixed an issue where colours embedded into waypoints, lines, and areas were being lost on import. Note: coloured marker icons such as those used in Google Earth or Garmin MapSource do not transmit colour data with the import file and are defaulted Lime Green in Cirro.
  • Fixed an issue where imported KMZ, KML, or GPX files would not allow for their embedded colours to be changed after import. Colours can be edited in app via Admin Tools / Manage Waypoints.
  • Fixed an issue where US Helicopter VFR Charts were not being displayed for online or offline use.
  • Added additional functionality to display NO FUEL status for empty bulk and drum caches. LOW FUEL is still displayed below warning threshold.
  • Added additional colours to visually represent fuel cache status in addition to text. Yellow for low fuel, red for no fuel, and purple for bad fuel.


  • Search and sort options are now maintained when returning to filled form list after completing QC on a form.

Company Library Certificates

  • Added protections for certificates that use the new ‘Capabilities’ function to ensure a responsible user is set if an Admin Override has been selected for the linked capability action.
  • Fixed an issue where Admin Override email notifications were not sending when a user was requesting an override to perform an action linked to a certificate capability.
  • Fixed an issue where Admin Override in app counts would remain after actioning the request.
  • Improved capability workflows by removing sync requirements between actions.