by | Jul 19, 2023 | Changelog


  • Newly created users are now prompted to update password on first log in.
  • Fixed password reset UI to no longer imply that users were required to reset their passwords indefinitely.

Flight Itineraries

  • Patched issue where editing the amount of time to add to a warned itinerary via phone touch tone would compound and
    over-extend return time.

Personal Itineraries

  • Patched an issue where copies of Personal Itinerary emails were not being sent to admin users selected to receive

Flight Duty Times

  • Flight Crewmembers are now able to add future entries to their own FDT records for planning purposes, simply select a
    day in the future and update as needed. If FDT Daily Defaults have been set, these will auto-populate for the
    appropriate days as future entries are added.
  • CAR 700.29(1)(a)&(b) limit calculations updated with regards to split duty days; the mid-day break is no longer
    counted towards the hours of work limit calculations per updated guidance from Transport Canada.
  • CAR 700.29(2) 70hr work week applicability updated to account for 120hr free from duty reset in all scenarios.
  • Patched edge case regarding Unforeseen Operational Circumstances and rest required under CAR 700.133(2).
  • Flight Time values “hidden” in an inactive split duty FT field are no longer counted towards 30 day FT calculation
  • Fixed an issue where take-offs and landings registered under a CAR 604 or 702 entry were not being counted towards
    passenger carrying day and night currency (CAR 401.05)
  • Added 28-day Duty Time report for Kenya Operators.
  • Fixed an issue with saving ‘Dual Pilot’ default entry settings.

Company Library

  • Increased size of drag and drop file upload area in all upload areas of the Company Library module.
  • Improved Resource and Memo synchronization when new tags are added for users with otherwise up-to-date EFB.


  • Changing filter settings no longer causes temporary “double up” of bookings.