by | Feb 3, 2023 | Changelog


  • Fixed an issue that would cause users who had a verified e-mail address to show up as unverified

Flight Duty Times

  • Added ability for admins to populate future FDT entries through the Admin FDT update tool. This allows for FDT scheduling and predictive forecasting for warnings and violations
  • Added a summary table for Canadian Medevac operators to show what time free from duty conditions were satisfied under CAR 700.119
  • Fixed an issue where homebase timezone was being reset to UTC or America / Toronto when the users records were accessed through the Admin FDT update tool
  • Fixed an issue where FDT Summary emails may appear with the wrong content and username
  • Fixed an issue where some 700 series prescriptive limit warnings and violations were appearing for FDP entries under 702 series
  • Fixed an issue where Personal Information and Emergency Contacts were not being transferred between accounts with an export and import of a CirroFDT file
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect logic was being applied for Canadian Medevac operators time free from duty calculations (CAR 700.119)
  • Fixed an issue where the Next Day Off presented in the FDT Daily Summary
    was incorrect in some circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where End FDP and End Work fields were linked for 702 series operations
  • Fixed an issue where 87, 58, and 59 minutes was rounding to 1.0 hours flight time when using the clock picker input method
  • Fixed several other erroneous violations

Flight Reports

  • Added ‘Crew’ column to Billing and Invoicing Report
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases a user was not able to edit a completed flight report

Flight Itinerary

  • Fixed an issue where the required risk assessment stage of an itinerary could be bypassed

Company Library

  • Fixed an issue with LMS integrated certificates that was resulting in a 500 error
  • Fixed an issue where the current date was not selectable in the Forms module date picker

Weight and Balance

  • Fixed an issue where the equipment copy function would not work until the page was refreshed

Maps and Charts

  • Fixed and issue where NavCanada radar layers were not appearing when enabled