by | Mar 2, 2023 | Changelog

Flight Duty Times

  • Updated Canadian dual crew heli-logging 30 day limits to match CASS 722.92(2)
  • Added ‘Leg End’ time field in Leg Flight Times section to better account for overnight leg entries and other edge cases
  • Added comments for Max FDP limits in second flight portion when crews are working overnights
  • Added option to use Beta version of new FDT module for USA Operators
  • Fixed an issue where NVIS currency was not showing the currency summary
  • Corrected improper rest time calculations when transiting time zones (Canadian FDT)
  • Fixed issue where Pilot Information Sheets were inaccessible for some users
  • Patched bug causing currency tables to appear for the selected date, and not for the real time currency of flight crew

Field Gear Tracking

  • Added ability to export field gear items and current inspection record to .CSV

Admin Reports

  • Fixed bug in Duty Times report where totals were appearing under the wrong heading


  • Resolved issue loading flight crew member FDT and certificate info in schedule