Cirro by AirSuite launches new Flight Duty Time tool compliant with new, upcoming regulations

Today, AirSuite officially launched the new Flight Duty Time (FDT) module included in their full suite of flight management tools. The launch is two months in advance of the new Transport Canada Flight Duty Time regulations coming into effect this December for 703 and 704 series operators. Cirro also continues to support Canadian 705 operators with the prescriptive regulations.

“This new FDT tool helps operators navigate these complex regulations. It’s what our clients need. As operators across the country found out that we were developing this tool months in advance, we’ve been experiencing more and more uptake. They can confidently rely on it,” says Michael Kleywegt, CEO of AirSuite.

FDT tracking and management is built into the new module, allowing pilots to update their individual duty times both on and offline in a matter of minutes. It is also adaptable for all duty time restrictions, custom rules required by clients, and all regulatory and performance-based requirements.

“Pilot feedback tells us they appreciate that they can link their duty times directly from their mobile devices to specific aircraft and it will then provide detailed experience tracking on each aircraft type, including their currency information. It gives management the ability to quickly generate a comprehensive experience report that can be downloaded on demand,” adds Kleywegt.

All duty time data automatically synchronizes in Cirro, notifying pilots of their limits, rest-time requirements, and exceedances. The tool works across all platforms (Android, iOS, PC and Mac).

Cirro currently supports the following flight duty time rules:

  • Canada (604 Private Pilot, 702 Aerial Work, 703 Air Taxi, 704 Commuter Operations, 705 Airline Operations)
  • U.S (Part 91, Part 133 – External Load Ops, Part 135.267 – Non-Scheduled, Part 135.271 – HEMS, Part 137 – Agricultural Operation)
  • Australia (AU Non Ag, AU Aerial Ag)
  • Chile (DGAC DAN 137)
  • Indonesia (CASR 135)
  • Kenya (Operation of Aircraft- Helicopter Regulations)

“Whether or not your operation is affected by these new regulations, what it all comes down to is the needs of our clients. They directly shape the continuous development of Cirro, making it the most up to date, most applicable, and adaptable all-in-one flight management software package on the market,” says Doug Carlson, COO of AirSuite, and contract helicopter pilot.

“Our software is made in Canada, AirSuite is headquartered in northern Ontario and we’ve been in business for over seven years. We’re proud of the high security, reliability and compliance of our software. As a pilot, I’m directly affected by these new FDT regs and I depend on Cirro.”


About Cirro by AirSuite
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Cirro’s most popular features include: Safety Management System, Flight Duty Times, Weight and Balance, Flight Scheduling, Company Library and Certificate Tracking, and Invoicing. The system works across all platforms, and integrates with flight maintenance systems, aircraft satellite trackers, learning management systems and fatigue risk management systems.

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